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Shifting Tech; Changing World

This newsletter is about how technology builds, undermines, and rebuilds the world we live in.

Technology changes. Institutions don’t. Until they do. This is the phenomenon I’ve called “state tectonics”. When the technology we’ve built our institutions on shifts, the changes can be seismic.

In this newsletter I’ll talk about all the ways that tech is changing how we deal with each other: by force, by trade, and by persuasion. The technologies of warfare, money, and communication are all changing at the same time and that means big changes for us personally and for society.

The question I want to answer here is: how can we survive and prosper in a changing world?

Who am I?

I’m Bernard Darnton. I’ve been involved professionally in technology for twenty years, often around financial systems and have been involved in politics for some of that time.

I’m interested in the history and future of warfare, money, and communications - all things that are changing the way we live and the way the world works today.

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